I was sold a PV Plus in February 2018 that was supposedly going to improve my Solar performance, unfortunately it did nothing. Michael at Solar Claims UK advised me that I had been mis sold and it could never have worked. I instructed Solar Claims UK to try and get my money back. William submitted the claim late in the afternoon on Friday 16th November and before the end of the day the Solar company in question had agreed to settle to my claim. I received £2,000 into my bank account on the Monday morning of the 19th.

I had given up this money and to get it back was fantastic. The service form Solar Claims UK Ltd was absolutely outstanding and I could not recommend them more enthusiastically.

Steve Orrell – Bradford – November 2018

We were sold a Solar System back in 2016 and were clearly lied to about how much money we would save or make. We were referred to Solar Claims UK and Michael was excellent. As we had paid a £500 deposit on our credit card we were able to make a claim for the full balance. With no effort from us, and after only 6 weeks we received a full refund of £9,500. Service was brilliant the result great.

Peter O’Connor – Bromsgrove January 2018

We bought a solar system in early 2011 and were contacted 2 years ago and encouraged to buy a battery for storage at a cost of £5,500. We were totally misled in terms of what the battery would do, and it has saved us almost nothing. Solar Claims took on the claim and sued the Solar Company direct as we had paid by bank transfer. They got the whole amount back form the Company in question and myself and my wife are over the moon.

Bruce Beauchamp – Kegworth – May 2018

I could not recommend Solar Claims UK nor their service to enough people. We were lied to when we had Solar Panels installed both in terms of the savings and the Feed In Tariff payments that we would get. Fortunately, we purchased our panels through Barclays Finance and Michael and the team have got us back over £8,000. Thank you guys and girls so much.

Arthur Cahill – Surrey – November 2017

Solar Claims UK have been great. They secured us over £9,000 in payment due to the clear mis selling of a PV Solar panel system. They did everything for us service was first class, and we have already recommended them to a couple of friends in similar circumstances.

Audrey Smith – Penzance – June 2018

When we first spoke to William at Solar Claims, he assured us we had a very strong case to receive back a significant amount of our money as we had been mis sold. He was true to his word he and his team were brilliant they did everything for us, kept us fully informed as to what was going on and we got over £10,000 back. What a wonderful result.

Malcolm Stagg – Hertfordshire – October 2018

We were sold an addition to our PV Solar system about 18 months ago and were contacted by William at Solar Claims on 13th December and advised that we had been clearly mis sold. I was mis sold a Voltage Optimiser which did not work and had given up along the lines that I should have known better. William submitted the claim direct to the Solar Company on the 13th and the following day he called me to say that they had agreed to refund the full £3,000. I received this payment in my account first thing on the Monday morning the 17th just in time for Christmas. I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was!

Peter Hall – Worcester – December 2018