What is Mis-Selling?

Mis-selling is when a sales person or company intentionally use underhand tactics or give misleading or false information in order to sell you a service or product, for instance they might have;

  • Exaggerated the benefits of a Solar PV system – i.e. overstating the earning or money-saving potential.
  • Left out certain information that is critical to the performance of your Solar PV system.
  • Put you under pressure to take out a contract when you are not fully aware of all the facts & figures.
  • Added on additional costs that weren’t made clear to you at the time of signing the contract.
  • Left sections of the contract blank for them to fill in later after you’ve signed it.
  • Changed any details of your contract without asking your permission first, this can include changing you from one tariff to another.

If a salesperson or company has sold you a Solar PV system using any of the above tactics it is commonly known as ‘misrepresentation’ or ‘mis-selling’, it is against the law and you are very likely eligible to take action against the supplying company or the finance provider to recoup your losses.
Equally, if the system or the systems performance does not match the description you were given at the time of the sale, you may have the right to a refund or finance package write down.
Throughout any sales process you should be given accurate & true information before signing any agreements or contracts, this includes details about the fixed & variable costs, tariffs, savings, earnings and any special offers. A sales person must not act aggressively to try and persuade you to sign up, the sales person should not over stay their welcome or repeatedly pester you, nor should they target vulnerable people or those who are clearly not of sound mind to enter into a contract.

“Solar panel mis-selling is a big problem throughout the UK, our goal at mis-sold-solar.co.uk is to get the maximum compensation for our clients and to put them in to the position they thought they’d be in when they purchased their solar panels. Check your mis-sold solar claim today!”

In order to pursue a claim it will be necessary for you to have either paid for part of the transaction by using a credit card or by taking out finance which has been arranged by the installer.

In the instance that you have paid by cheque, debit card or charge card then we will need to carry out a viability check on the supplier before proceeding to ensure that if your claim is successful that such supplier has the funds available to meet your claim.

What we will require from you
In addition the other key information that we will require you to forward to us is as follows:

  • Copies of receipts for payment of deposit
  • Copies of receipts for all further payments or copies of bank statements
  • Copies of all agreements an quotations supplied by the supplier
  • Copies of any finance agreement taken out to purchase the Solar Panels (if applicable)
  • Copies of all marketing material supplied by the supplier
  • A copy of the suppliers website (if possible)
  • Copies of all electricity bills for the 12 months prior to the installation
  • Copies of all electricity bills for the 12 months after the installation
  • A summary in your own words of what the salesman implied would be the benefits of installing the solar panels.

We will forward you a questionnaire as part of the claims process which may also assist in compiling a witness statement in chronological order to assist your claim.

If you have not retained any of the receipts detailed above then this may not be an issue if the transaction in question was less than 6 years ago as the lender is required to keep records of such information and we can obtain copies with your permission via a DSAR (Data Subject Action Request).